Hermitage Bay


At Hermitage Bay, our mission is to ensure that our guests' every need is met and they are delighted with every aspect of their stay.

Our warm caring staff dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to providing the highest levels of guest care and comfort.

We commit to provide a luxurious, peaceful, natural environment where mind, body and spirit are nurtured and restored.


At Hermitage Bay we believe that our employees are our greatest asset.

Our ruling principles in our dealings with each other, our suppliers and our guests are


We smile and are unfailingly helpful and polite to our guests and each other.

Our work environment is one where the talents of each individual are nurtured and maximized, happiness is encouraged, diversity welcomed, quality of life is enhanced and the aspirations of each individual are fulfilled.

We are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. We protect our natural environment by, wherever we can, reducing, recycling and reusing, supporting local industries, using environmentally friendly products, championing local and organic food and using renewable energy.

“few things in life are as good as they are broadcast to be, but Hermitage Bay is a rare gem that actually exceeds all”

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