Hermitage Bay


In 2003, Andy Thesen, the owner of Hermitage Bay and an avid environmentalist, embarked on the development of the bay with a strong sense of the responsibility he had to retain the spirit of this beautiful, unspoilt and peaceful place.

A small team started to clear small areas on the hillside overlooking the bay by hand.  “The bay itself is such a place of peace and tranquility that it required a gentle hand”, says Andy.  Even now, man-made noises are kept to a minimum so that natural sounds prevail – “the waves on the beach, the breeze in the trees and the chatter of birds.  It is the perfect antidote to modern, hectic life.  It is a true hermitage”.

Sustainable building materials were used for the construction, and the property was built to blend in naturally with the bay.  The hotel still adheres to these principles with its “reduce, reuse and recycle” policy and its conscientious efforts to use solar energy technologies, natural detergents and beauty products, and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Andy Thesen Andy Thesen
Owner, Hermitage Bay

“the perfect mixture of living
with the natural environment
and living in luxury.”

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